Why ‘Simplify’? – My experience of Living Off-Grid for two years…

simplify blog photo editWell. I don’t know about you, but recently it seems like its all becoming a bit flippin mental, isn’t it…? Modern Life. Too much INFORMATION. Too many emails. Too many Facebook posts. Too many bills to pay. Too many beeps & ringtones & phones. Too many Bonkas politicians doing too many stupid things. I don’t think we are designed to be processing this much stimuli!

Many people I know & hear about are starting to experience this kind of permanent feeling of ‘Overwhelm’ – as a reaction to the modern world & its increasingly fast Pace of life. Perhaps you know what I mean?
A few years back, I felt it so strongly that I knew I had to simplify. To downscale. To cut of all the clutter and get back to a simpler way of life.

My answer to all the noise and information overload has been to SIMPLIFY. And I’d love to tell you how you can do it too.
This is very much where the story of my Simplify Album was born…

5 years ago I made the move OFF-GRID. After waking up one morning & realising I just Couldn’t live like how I was anymore.
– Stuck in a job I didn’t like. With bills coming out of my arse.

I stepped out of Society for a bit – by moving to live in a yurt in the Wild mountains of Wales. Off grid. No phone. No wifi. No bills! Surrounded by welsh hill sheep, & hardly any people, me & my partner Pam started putting together a life outside the norm. We bought a very cheap piece of isolated farm land in the mountains, and moved, from the city, into a FIELD. Literally. No electricity. No heating. no council tax. no rent. We put up the yurt (hidden from view as it is illegal to live in a yurt), made a vegetable patch, bought a wood burner, and set up a very basic solar panel for our 1 lamp. We drank all our water from a spring on the land. I ceased paying ALL bills. no phone bill. no water bill. no electric. no car tax. nothing. I effectively, EXITED the system. We lasted about 2 years…


It was fun to begin with. The sheer Relief of stepping away from all the pressures of modern day living was incredible. I got to quite literally, Simplify.
But more than that – it was deeply Transformative in ways that I had not anticipated. It was FREEING. Financially. Energetically. On every level. I feel like during this move – I received a MASSIVE Healing. The healing I got was that I moved out of Fear – the fear that society tries to force us to live under – & I stepped into LOVE. The love of & in our land. England. Mother Earth. Gaia.

I got to experience what living 100% in the vibration of Nature was like. & it was POWERFUL. & it taught me a lot. I found out that Nature holds a VERY deep healing Power. – The ability to ‘speak’ to us. & to Guide us. We are just so programmed & ‘busy’ in our society that we have forgotten this connection. But I re-discovered it. It quite literally ‘gave’ me Songs. & these are what are on Simplify – my album. This is what I am offering out into the World thru Simplify. RE-CONNECTION.

10 Things I Learned From Living Off-Grid For 2 Years;

1- To SLOOOOW DOWN. Nature has been teaching me to slow down!
2 – To listen to my Intuition. Society would have us living so FAST as to not actually have the time to LISTEN – to hear our own intuition.
3 – To cut ties to that which doesn’t serve me. i.e. smart phones, over-priced energy companies. etc.
4 – I learnt that we do not need much of what we consider as ‘the norm’ in our modern world. & that much of it actually saps our energy.
5 – To find my POWER.
6 – How to Ground myself. Daily. To live from a GROUNDED place.
7 – To Bring in Breathing Space into my Life.
8 – I learn that we are living in a society that is Unnecessarily complicated – when in fact it doesn’t need to be!.
9 – I learn how to find my TRUE rhythms in life. To live at my Own pace, rather than the one society dictates that I follow.
10 – I learnt that Nature has ENORMOUS amounts of deep Wisdom & Power to offer us.

There is a reason the ‘Powers that be’ do not want us to live in nature. Its because they know how powerful it is! & they know that they would lose control over us if we did/do all start to move Off-Grid & into nature…


So – After 2 years of living Off-Grid & seeing & learning much – Life forced me to return back to live in society – albeit a LOT healthier & happier & saner! – with an album entitled ’Simplify’.

All the songs on the album have been written during my time of living in the mountains. Off-Grid. I guess they are songs carrying the messages of what I have experienced & learnt. and I am keen to share them. They feel like ‘Empowerment Songs’ for our age.

IF you are resonating with what I am talking about… if this subject strikes a Chord with you – I think you might really dig my album. – If you too have the urge to Simplify.

Ive made the album ‘BY DONATION‘ – & you can hear all the songs before you purchase – so feel totally free to check it out HERE.

The Album is available on Cd, or a Download.

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SO – Some sort of CONCLUSION to this WHY SIMPLIFY? Blog:

The main thing I have learnt – the thing that cripples most of us in the world – is that it is perfectly possible to ‘Un -HOOK’ from the system. From bills. rent. tax. It takes guts – but it can be done.

I feel that we are stepping into a time where that which doesn’t serve humanity is going to start dropping away. fast. But we are going to have to start making some bold personal decisions – each of us – with regards to what we choose to feed & how we choose to live. It is time to stop feeding that which doesn’t serve us. That which ‘takes the Piss’. That which is greedy & without morals. Cooperations. Over-priced energy companys. Governments.
SIMPLIFY text My advice is ‘MAKE SOME CHANGES’. Start cutting out of your life that which doesn t serve you.
For example since I’ve been back Ive moved to the GOOD ENERGY Company for my heating & elec. They are awesome. 100% renewable energy sources. Cheap. friendly. & they don’t threaten you with bailiffs at the 1st point of forgetting to pay a bill on time. Unlike most other energy companies. Do you get my point here? Lets stop feeding that which isn’t treating us right. Lets make obsolete that which is based on old-paradigm ‘lack’ mentality.
& lets FUEL that which has good Ethics. & attitudes. New-paradigm mentality.

This is how the world is going to change. If we all stop giving our POWER way to greedy dicks. Be that government, mobile-phone companies, energy companies, councils, Macdonalds, Tesco, whatever. Stop feeding them. & they will surely die off.

Leaving us with a blank canvas for an awesome new world.
Which lets face it – we ALL feel & want SO bloody much.

I have made my album Simplify with the intention to help people to Un-hook from the system. & give people Empowerment, Nature Connection, & Joy!

It has been made FOR this age we live in.

I offer this album out as something of an Antidote to the fast pace of modern life we all seem to be caught in… a reminder to slow down…

Thanks for listenin!

Big love


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