Why are so many of us feeling such a lot of Pain at the moment…?


Look around you. People in general, are not in a particularly good place right now. People are for want of a better phrase; ‘Feeling their shit.’
– Either that, or they are desperately seeking to distract themselves from feeling their shit. Hence the insane smart phone addiction we are starting to see very rapidly in the world.

This is a positive blog post – so fret not and read on if you will.. for I am not about to start ranting about mobile phone addiction. What I want to address – & help people with – is WHY are we all feeling our shit so much right now..?

Ill tell you why. not that I am an authority, but this is just my opinion, based on personal experience and my intuition.

We are facing our shit, or desperately distracting ourselves from it, because the Earth, y’know, our beautiful planet that we live on, is RISING IN FREQUENCY. It has been doing so since the year 2012, & will continue to do so. As it rises in frequency (it used to resonate at a frequency of 8 hertz & currently has risen to 13 hertz..) it is FORCING us to rise in frequency too.
‘Why is it rising in frequency?’ …I hear you ask.. Well it is rising in frequency because since 2012 the Earth has moved into a new era.
We are entering a new era. a new paradigm. Because it is clear that things as they stand aren’t working. and this new era ushers in CHANGE. Worldwide change. and the change starts with OURSELVES first.a

Which bring us nicely to ‘Why are we feeling our shit?‘. The anwer is – because the Earth is forcing us to change. Individually and collectively. As a people. because it knows that things can’t go on like they are. that something has to shift.

So, we are being called, by the rising frequency of the earth beneath our feet, to face our shit. To FEEL. To fully feel ourselves, and to fully feel the earth. As so many of us have become sooo utterly disconnected from the earth. and that is the reason we are, as a race, doing such damage to the earth. because we cant actually FEEL her. We have become NUMB.

Why have we become numb? Because we have been traumatized. We have been conditioned to live in a society that doesn’t really acknowledge feelings. or respect the earth. We have – literally- Spiritual Trauma. We have somehow been conditioned to become separate from the earth we live on. Except many of us are waking up, seeing this, and sensing that something is not right, and seeking to find out what that ‘not right ‘ is.

And so we come to our Trauma. Our PAIN. For many of us something that we don’t talk about. But no longer. As we realise that something is wrong, it starts with ourselves. FACING ourselves. Facing ‘what isn’t right’ – in ourselves. and remedying it.

We can remedy it with HEALING.

earth warriorsThere are so many ways to get help with healing these days, as healing becomes more & more the norm. Yoga, Meditation, 5 rhythms dancing, Shamanic healing, reiki healing, trauma release, breath work, the list is enormous.
But the basic fact remains; It is TIME to face our SHIT. As a species.
To see what, and why. we are doing to each other and the planet. and it it TIME to make those changes. And it starts with you.

I think it is obvious that our ‘leaders’ are not going to be the ones healing themselves, god knows I wish they would, – so the reason that so many of us are feeling our pain, is because the earth is saying ‘ OI! YOU! Dan, Samantha or whatever your name is… You need to STEP UP. Your leaders aren’t doing much to sort the world out, in fact they are utterly utterly lost, so YOU need to be the one that heals your self, and be the one that makes the changes.

Once we start to face our pain, & heal our disconnection with the earth beneath us, we start to become very Powerful. More powerful than our leaders in fact. as they bumble, battle & argue, we step up – and start to make the changes that need making – ‘from the Ground Up‘.

Once we start to heal our pain & our spiritual disconnection, we have the Power of the earth beneath us and the power of the universe behind us!! How awesome is that?! Its totally awesome. Once you have the power of the earth ‘willing’ you on, you are UNSTOPPABLE.

But you gotta do the personal work first. thats the deal.

So. thats my theory. that what I feel is going on.

Changes are needed. It us that need to make them.

I encourage you to ‘fully go there’. Seek out the help you need to really heal your traumas. the things that are holding you back from being all that you are supposed to be…

The rest is up to you.


HERE is a song of mine that came to me at Glastonbury festival 2 years ago – it is a song about facing your pain. a song designed to take you deeply into your deep self to shed light on what might need looking at inside you…

Its called ‘Time to Feel‘. I offer it to you as a gift.

Please Click here to download it, or to listen to it. It is from my upcoming album ‘Simplify’.


lots of love

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