We need New leaders!! (or no leaders?)

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Let me tell you something Im not very proud of. I went to public school. yes. Boarding school. the kind of school where our leaders & politicians were educated. I was expelled. For basically ‘having none of their bullshit’. I always questioned everything, the rules, what we were learning, & so I was asked to leave. and I was very happy to. But it still did its damage. I left school actually very traumatized by what I was subjected to there. and its only in my 30’s that I understand what was done to me there. at that public school.

Why am I writing about this I hear you asking…? Im writing about this because what I am healing in myself (& have been for 10 years now) is precisely what our ‘leaders‘ – the likes of David Cameron & in fact all heads of corporations & politicians should be healing. Themselves.

I write this because most of us these days see & feel very clearly that the system that runs our world is broken. It doesn’t have our best interests at heart – or the planet’s. It is a system of ‘Profit before honour.’ Of Greed – and insensitivity & frankly, denial.

What I am seeing in healing my ‘boarding school trauma’ – is that there is a reason the world is like it is. It is because our leaders are severely traumatized. They have the very same trauma that I am healing. Im writing this with an ‘inside-view’. because Ive been there. to the very same places that our leaders were made. and let me tell you what these boarding schools do to you; they BREAK you emotionally. They NUMB you. at a very base level. they inflict sooo many intense rules onto you with severe punishment (physical beating) if you disobey. which i did. throughout. I can’t tell you how many times I was beaten. by my ‘Masters’ as we were made to call them. I was beaten probably 50-60 times over 10 years. and so were lots & lots of other boys. I was 9 years old when most of the beatings took place.

I have grown up, well, my reaction to boarding school was to go in the very opposite direction. So I became very alternative. I still am. But I have grown up with severe anger problems. which i have been healing very intensely of late. this is anger about having been beaten.

I write about this, not to disclose my deepest inner being, but to highlight WHY our world is the way it is currently. It is the way it is because the people that shape it – are traumatized, cold, emotionally disconnected people. Just like I would be if I hadn’t chosen to heal my shit. and I still know some of these people. & they are, well, they are numb. They do a good job at appearing to be really together on the surface. but underneath lies a big shadow. and this is what needs addressing. the shadow behind our leaders. yoga

I would suggest that our Politicians, & most of the people that shape our world – are emotionally disconnected, traumatized people who need healing. Only they don’t know how or where to get it from. as in that world healing is considered ‘weird’. Except that nowadays ‘healing‘ is becoming more & more accepted, embraced and mainstream – it is time that our leaders should start to HEAL THEMSELVES. …Or be replaced by people that have done the inner work that makes them REAL human empathic emotionally functioning people. Not numb egomaniacs.

This is when our world will start to change.

and I would suggest it is time those of us that are doing the inner healing work start to STEP UP – and take roles of influence of change in this time of seeming crisis.

We want leaders – new paradigm leaders – people who are BELIEVABLE, HONEST & REAL. Sincere caring people who actually give a shit. people who know how to love themselves.

The only way things are going to change is if these people make the changes from the ground up.

What do you say?

Lets take the power back.

Lets change the way things are done. Its TIME!!!

Start with yourself – and then ripple it out. bigger & bigger. Infuence your sphere & the people around you. with LOVE. and integrity. & authentic Power.

Lets make some Changes round here…

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