Take the Power back. Lets start governing OURSELVES…

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Donald Trump is not my leader. Theresa May is NOT my leader. David Cameron was not my leader, & we’re All still waiting on a genuine leader to come along & really Lead us with Authenticity.

Im of the generation that doesnt vote. We dont vote, not because we dont care, we DO, we just dont resonate with our leaders. They dont speak our language. We dont understand them. We see THROUGH them. These are not men or women that Inspire us.

This is what my song ’Take the Power back’ is about. Its addressing the serious issue that barely ANYONE believes in our leaders anymore… & that somehow, we need to Take our power back. Out of the hands of people who are basically just working in the interests of Coorperations & big money. We need NEW LEADERS!!
Real leaders. People who inspire. and if it isnt going to happen in Politics, then it needs to happen from the GROUND UP. i.e. INSIDE of every one of us. This is the message of my song; that Politics probably isnt about to change or produce any inspiring leaders – so we must Take our OWN Power Back & start leading OURSELVES.

Please take a mo to watch my Music Video of the song. I hope it inspires you.

What we need is leadership from the BOTTOM UP. …to replace the loong out of date ‘Top-Down’ -‘King & Subject’ system that we have in place that more & more of us seem to getting sooo frustrated with.
We need to become our own Leaders. To lead ourselves. To heal the child inside of every one of us that was taught to give its power away to leaders that don’t have our best interests at heart. It started at school… we’ve all been conditioned to give our Power away! Crazy! We need to heal this wound.
This is I feel what our future looks like; People standing up and taking their own power back.
Replacing the idea that we need ‘Governing’. Espec by guys in suits who dont actually represent us or our needs.
A bright future is one where we start Governing ourselves. One where we take RESPONSIBILITY for ourselves. at all times. We strive to do the right thing. All the time. and when we dont – we learn.

I personally see this as the Solution to the state we are in. & I feel it in my BONES. In my very core. That we are ALL WAKING UP…
That we’ve had ENOUGH…

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So Lets start making the changes that are needed in our World from the Bottom Up.

Become your own governor, Guv’nor!
Become the Inspiring Legend that inspires all those around him or her. That makes the changes that are needed in our World. Meaningful changes. Changes that MATTER.

This is what the future looks like I reckon- & when enough of us start doing this – then the need for Politicians lessens. and gradually we make the need for Politics obsolete.

Its time for a new way of doing things… we All feel it, don’t we? We all feel that something MASSIVE has to change.

Bring on the change I say.

This is the message I wanna get out there, via my Song. That its time for Collective & Personal EMPOWERMENT!
No more Slavery.
We are not children. We can do this. Change.
Change the System we live in into a fairer & more beautiful one. A more beautiful World Full stop!
Its perfectly possible.


Please Download my new Song ‘Take the Power Back’…

Listen to it LOUDLY. Help me really get this message out there. Its such a pivotal time that we live in.

May humanity claim back its power in a huge & beautiful way. 1 person at a time. Like dominoes…


Lion love



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