YEAH BABY! It seems my childhood dream of touring in the VAST grand continent of New Zealand has come true… because i find myself living in a camper van in the middle of this epic massive empty place… this is roughly what New Zealand looks like…

Its pretty cool. there is a sense of SPACE here like Ive honestly never ever felt before. I like it. hardly ANYONE lives here. and the folk that do are RELAXED. it makes me realise just how uptight we are back in the UK. not ALL of us… hehe

So. the tour got off to a pretty dodgy start after our tour van BLEW UP! – On DAY 1 of the tour no less. Im not kidding. you couldnt make it up! very intense. got stuck in the middle of nowhere in a blown up van. had to to be TOWED INTO our 1st gig!!! Here is a picture of us being towed in to PRANA festival…

hahaha I hear you say.

So after an initial PANIC and a night spent sleeping in the van at a service station in the back arse end of nowhere I got my shit together and BEGGED. from my friends, from my lady, my parents, and facebook. and I managed to raise 1500 quid to buy another equally clapt out tour bus. which is still going well thank you very much.

So, back on the road…

We are 8 gigs in now… here is a picture of us playing…(click on it to see it bigger)

Cool pic huh?

We have now driven A LOT of kilometres… roughly 2000. id say we have around another 10,000 to drive. its BIG out here! We’re doing like 6-8 hour drives between some of the gigs. its tiring. Ive been having days of complete exhaustion. grumps. and notbeingabletomove ness. The highlight of the tour so far has been playing with a step in MAURI drummer. One of Nz’s best apparently. BIG gentle giant of a guy…he played PROPER reggae. We had the pHATTEST gig ever. To a full house of Grooving bearded Kiwis. awesome.

Hmmmmm. what else of note? Well. Im having my first tattoo tomorrow. a tribal Mauri design. so Im pretty excited about that.

Oh. We had our first NZ RADIO SESSION. I played a new song live on air. and chatted about our tour. here is a pic of that;big river radio pic
thank you Big River fm.

The thing about this tour that is cool is how we are literally living ON THE ROAD…
We cant afford hotels. at all. So we are staying in the camper van and in tents for 3 MONTHS. pretty epic. I ve been washing myself in rivers and the sea. and cooking meals on a stove in the van. really living wild. its awesome. tho sometimes cold.

Ive been writing lots of new songs out here. beautiful new songs. deep and well they seem like good songs. We’ve started playing them live already! feels gooood.

We have also just RELEASED A NEW SONG!

Its called ‘LET IT FLOW‘.
Its about letting go of the old, and stepping into the new.
…feels like a relevant song for 2014. a year of stepping FULLY into the new.


I really like it. Its a more acoustic vibe than our other stuff. a bit mellower.

Please feel free to support us and share it.

Peace out to y’all

Sending good vibes from out here in NZ.

Bob, Ed, & Ali.

nz tour poster 3

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