LET THE WOMEN LEAD… A message to Men.

lionI had a dream recently.
In my dream a female Lion told me a message. She said ‘LET THE WOMEN LEAD…Let the Women lead…
I felt to share this. it feels important.
We must let the Women lead.
The men are are a little lost right now. We are finding our feet and healing but on the whole we are a little lost. Stuck in our Egos, and our defenses. The women seem to be in somewhat of a more healthy place. Yes we must catch them up. but we have much work to do.
So in the meantime lets give the women chance & space to lead.
For us to humble our egos and let go of control. Male Control is responsible for a very large part of what is wrong on planet Earth right now… its time for the Women to guide us….
Men. listen to your women. They are wise.
We have been told otherwise.
They have a deep power that doesn’t come from a place of ego.

As a man I am starting to LEARN from the feminine. I am healing my blocks so that I can LISTEN. Women have GIFTS for us…if only we can heal ourselves and our blocks to realize this.


Society has taught us many negative things about Women. That they are weak. That they are illogical. That they need to be controlled. Feared. This is Conditioning. Bullshit. Conditioning passed down to us from Weak, damaged men – the men who think they control our planet. The men who have set the rules & systems in place so rigidly that we all feel and want to change SO much!

These men need help. Actually they need to help themselves. Whether they will do that or not is another question. In the meantime, whilst they flounder and attempt to tighten their grip on our reality – We need to POWER UP, Heal ourselves & as men – start Listening to the Feminine. We must control them no longer. and we must work on ourselves so that we can be in a position to be able to listen to the feminine. For the feminine is RISING UP – Can you see it all around you? Women everywhere meeting in powerful Womens circles & groups… getting strong – healing together – whilst us men seem a little behind. Still scared to look at ourselves fully. Our Egos damaged from childhood – we have pain. We have pain in the way of being able to listen to the feminine. Our pain is what has Controlled them! In the past. and still now.

This is what we must Heal. Our BLOCKS to the feminine. To RECIEVING from them. We dont know how to let them in. We are Scared. Scared that they will hurt us. Well – this fear is that of the child inside you. & this is what we must heal: the damaged little boy inside of us men that hurts.
It has been deliberately conditioned & hurt by our society. Our mothers were conditioned by a rigid society to hurt us as children. To take our power away. to Control us. They didn’t do it deliberately. They were conditioned to do it. Social Engineering. This is what we must Undo.

I feel some of you reacting to this. Judging what I say. I honour this part of you. But at the same time I ask you.. In your body – right now – can you feel what I am saying in your body..? Does something of what i am talking about resonate with something inside you…?
I challenge you to look inside and you will feel that there is something inside you that ‘Gets’ this. Beyond the judgement & what your mind is saying… there IS something here.

Its called MALE POWER. And it lies beneath the damaged boy in you. in me. in every man on this entire planet. It looks like THIS;


Do you wanna feel like this?
Or do you wanna keep feeling like the wounded little boy…?


The answer lies in facing our wound. and seeking help to heal it.


Mens Work for me has been the thing to help me look at my wounding, and to heal it.

and then to find my Power as a man. The kind of power that RESPECTS women. not the kind of power our ‘leaders’ carry that puts women down & Controls them,

If what I am talking about ‘Pricks’ your interest – I encourage you to check out http://mankindproject.org

This is a Global Network of Powerful healing for Men. This was my ‘Doorway’ into Mens Work, & healing the part of me that fears women. that fears my own Power. It is essentially ‘Male Initiation’.

It takes the boy & turns him into a Man.

Its very Powerful. One of the most powerful things I’ve ever done. Please do check it out if you’re feeling this blog.


In a nutshell our women have Gifts for us. Gifts we have been conditioned not to Receive. These are the gifts of softness, of Wisdom, of gentleness. as well as Powerfulness. They go hand in hand. Gentleness & Powerfulness CAN sit beside each other.

Women have been stood upon and repressed for centuries for a reason…because they are Powerful. Some of them dont even know it yet – but they are starting to find it – and we need to rise (& soften) to the challenge to MEET them. Because they are starting to ask this of us!


This song of mine ’TAKE THE POWER BACK‘ (Click HERE to Download it) was written in response to my woman walking away from me because I wasn’t MEETING her. and thru her walking away from me for a while – i was challenged to go & start looking for my male Power. I’ve found a little of it. and now she offers her hand to me again. and I find myself beginning to to be able to see her, and to receive from her. and frankly it is the most Delicious feeling. Such a Relief!

My partner and I and some friends are offering this Retreat in June for Couples & Singles to open themselves up to some of what I am talking about in this blog; Intimacy. Trust. Meeting. Softening. Seeing each other without all the shit that gets in the way.

Should be juicy. You can book a place on this Retreat HERE;


A word on ‘Women Leading…’

The Women are becoming very ready to step up. Many of them are starting to be in a strong place..

So lets let the women ’Step in & Step Up’.

Lets let them take the centre stage for a while , whilst we go heal.

& then we can join them, & things can balance out a bit!

That what I got.

Lion love


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