I JUST REMOVED WIFI FROM MY HOUSE… – An article about Internet use in our homes.

WIFI 9This is a post about Wifi. I want to air something I am starting to feel of late… & many others I meet are also feeling too. Wifi. In all of our homes. All around us.
A hot topic I reckon. So here goes…

So – how are YOU feeling these days – with all this Technology coming into our lives more & more every year? Is it just me, or is anyone else out there starting to feel increasingly Stressed out by all this technology? So many devices & the new mentality of ‘Always ON’ – that seems to demand more & more from our everyday lives… Where is all this heading? Because I feel like it can’t keep accelerating like it is – this Intrusion into our lives… It often feels to me like it is taking over. Its not a nice feeling. It doesn’t feel sustainable. Like we are not DESIGNED to be operating like this.

I, & many others I meet all the time, are beginning to notice certain new weird kinda side-effects from being online so much of the time. Stress. A feeling of irritability. Disconnection from others. Disconnection from our wives, children, partners. From people. Is anyone else out there starting to notice any of these feelings?

fi couple 2

Because I am. And I want to air what I am feeling. Because it feels kinda important. Not just for me, but for ALL of us. This isn’t a rant. More of an ‘airing’/discussion.

Me & my partner just made the decision to REMOVE WIFI from our home. Because it was, frankly-REALLY starting to affect us in some pretty obviously Negative ways…
Things you might relate to…

Here’s what we were noticing was happening to us with wifi in the house;

1/ We were feeling CONSTANTLY stressed out.
2/ We were spending WAY too much time online. & not enough time TOGETHER.
3/ We were noticing that rather than hang out together or with friends, or playing music together like we used to – we were just spending our ENTIRE evenings ONLINE! – Is that fun? Not really.
4/ Our relationship was suffering.
5/ We were waking up 1st thing most mornings with the immediate urge to go straight online. Even b4 BREAKFAST! – ring any bells?
6/ We were getting increasingly irritable. not wanting to be around each other.
7/ A feeling of Increasing ‘Zombiefication’. i.e. not wanting to connect on a basic HUMAN level.
8/ Not being able to sleep well at night.
9/ An increasing feeling of Poor Health.
10/ Engaging less & less with others. Engaging less & less with LIFE. Not good.

So we booted it out. ‘OUT YOU GO WIFI ROUTER….You are BANISHED.’
wifi 2
No internet. A clear home. A wifi-free home.

And What a RELIEF!! I can Breeeathe. My partner feels exactly the same as I do. Like a huge weight has been lifted from us & our house.

The INSTANT effects of removing wifi from our house has been extraordinary to notice!
– Here is what we noticed, starting the very day we booted it out:

1/ A feeling of RELIEF. Immediately. Like the actual air had cleared.
2/ A feeling of being able to THINK more clearly!
3/ An instant feeling of better connection with each other. – The ability to be more Present with each other, & everyone who comes into our house.
4/ Like Fun has come back into our house!
5/ The ability to make better decisions.
6/ We are talking more, hanging out more, sharing more, playing music, being creative, LIVING MORE!
7/ Our health has improved almost overnight since we removed wifi from the house.
8/ We are both Working more efficiently. By far.
9/ I feel, frankly, more intelligent since wifi has left our house. Im not kidding. I feel less stupid! I swear the internet makes us use only certain parts of our brains & not other parts that get to ‘problem-solve/ & think things through properly…
10/ I don’t feel like a Zombie any more. I joke not. I feel MORE HUMAN. It feels GOOOOD.

OH, & a rather important NO.11 – We are having more SEX. Really noticeable!

Im writing this because I want to share my experience with you. Are any of you guys out there feeling similar stuff to what I am writing about..? Shit – maybe you are feeling some of these symptoms & you aren’t making the connection that these symptoms might be something to do with the wifi…?
Is anyone else out there feeling this?

This kind of ‘foggy’ feeling a lot of the time?

I feel like it is wifi related. I feel like some of us who are that bit more sensitive – are feeling it 1st – kinda like the metaphor of ’Sending canaries down the coal-mine’ – some of us are feeling the issue first to ‘Raise the Alarm bells’ for other people… People who don’t necessarily feel these symptoms quite yet.

Do I have the answers? No. Do I know where this whole technology thing is heading…? No. I can’t know. But I CAN listen to my intuition & my basic intelligence & take appropriate & necessary steps to creating the right BOUNDARIES to technology. Am I a technophobe? No. I am sat here writing this on my beloved mac – the mac I record all my music on. But my psyche of late is definitely trying to alert me to something about how to be around technology more HEALTHILY…

I am writing this from my local library where I now go to do my online stuff. & then I get to go home to a nice relaxing wifi-free space, where I can’t check my Facebook or just one last youtube video – even if I wanted to!

Its like me & my wife have made a HEALTHY BOUNDARY to technology. We still use it. daily. We just needed to take certain steps to not let it TAKE OVER. Which for many people it is. Its kinda scary when I get on public transport these days. Like everyone is GLUED to a device. Scary. Its not pretty is it?

I write this blog with the intention of letting folk know that its Perfectly Acceptable to take bold steps in our lives to keep a sense of health & sanity & Human-ness in this nuts modern world we find ourselves living in. It IS ok to not follow the norm… If the new norm is 99.9% of the human population addicted to their iPhones then you CAN be a rebel & say ’NO. This ISNT how I want to live.’
There is another way. We ve just gotta be Bold & find it. But it starts with saying no to that which clearly doesn’t serve us.

This is what my new Single ‘Break the Black Magic Spell’ is all about… What my WHOLE new Album ‘Simplify’, is all about. Its about breaking the Trance. Breaking the ’Spell’ of technology – Becoming the MASTER of it – & not the slave. Saying NO to being ‘constantly available’/ ‘Always On’. & creating appropriate boundaries to Technology.
Not cutting it out, necessarily – Just claiming back our HUMANNESS in all of this.

Because I’m not about to become a flipping robot. Are you?

You can Download my new Single ‘BREAK THE BLACK MAGIC SPELL’ here. It is a ‘Remedy to Technology-addiction’ Song.
It was written whilst stuck in traffic right opposite a Sacred Site in Somerset, Cley Hill. The song felt like it came from the Sacred site to me, as a gift. & something to offer out into the world…

I feel like it carries a Magic.

I hope so.


Please share it if you dig it, spec with any friends or family you know & love who are promo flier copypromo flier copyexperiencing Internet/iphone addiction… The song is designed to help. To ‘Break the spell’ as it were…



P.s You can order a copy of my New Album ‘SIMPLIFY’ HERE.

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