DOG EAT DOG WORLD…? I think not…


My dear Dad recently said to me something that didnt sit right. (sorry dad) He said ‘Rob, its a DOG EAT DOG World. Thats Human Nature. Its just the way things are.’ And I pondered, but quickly realsised that that statement just didnt sit right inside me. And I went on with my day.

But recently something really big has felt like its changing in the World…in my interactions with people I know and work with, and in people I see in the street… there is a SHIFT happening. Suddenly the ‘Dog eat dog’ mentality- the mindset of ‘get one over your fellow man b4 he does the same to you‘ is NO LONGER WORKING
Something is Changing. and its very new.
Do you feel it?

What is happening? Well yes obviously its quite a chaotic time. People are generally having quite a hard time. Mentally, physically, & financially. But why? What is happening is a Shift. A Global Shift. 2012 marked the beginning of this shift. and we’re now 3 years into it. and it aint gonna stop!! This is merely the beginning.
Have a watch of this video below. It really helps explain what is happening…

Something New is coming thru to Planet Earth. the old ways AREN’T working any longer. Its pretty obvious is it not? Look around you. the planet is being plundered with no Consideration for the future generations. Its all been about Profit, profit, profit. Whatever the consequences. Personal gain. Short-term thinking.
What is happening is that this way of thinking and acting on Planet earth is coming to an end. We have now entered the time of FIERCE LOVE. Of Fierce Truth. Of whatever is not in harmony with the Planet will increasingly be brought to justice. A new law is being drafted right now called ‘ECOSIDE’. This will make crimes against the Earth well,CRIMES. In the near future People will go to jail for commiting ‘Ecoside’. Crimes against the Earth.

So if the old ways are not working so well anymore – then what is coming in its place…?
Well, what is coming -quite fast it seems- is a new way of Working and relating to each other in the World. A way of ‘Dog HONOUR Dog’ or ‘Human Honour Human’.
This ISNT just hippy stuff – this is happening – its happening in businesses, new models are being tried & worked all around the World… & its happening to me, and to you. And the more we EMBRACE this new way – the more we will Thrive.
(& the more we ignore these changes – & try to cling to the old – the more we will suffer and struggle.)
Its about NOT fucking over your fellow man…! Its about HONOURING your fellow man. Its about SEEING your fellow man… and its about NOT FEARING your fellow man. I guess ultimately its about loving your fellow man. Be it a business competitor, friend, or just random person in the street.

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