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Why ‘Simplify’? – My experience of Living Off-Grid for two years…

Well. I don’t know about you, but recently it seems like its all becoming a bit flippin mental, isn’t it…? Modern Life. Too much INFORMATION. Too many emails. Too many Facebook posts. Too many bills to pay. Too many beeps & ringtones & phones. Too many Bonkas politicians doing too many stupid things. I don’t […]
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I JUST REMOVED WIFI FROM MY HOUSE… – An article about Internet use in our homes.

This is a post about Wifi. I want to air something I am starting to feel of late… & many others I meet are also feeling too. Wifi. In all of our homes. All around us. A hot topic I reckon. So here goes… So – how are YOU feeling these days – with all […]
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Take the Power back. Lets start governing OURSELVES…

Donald Trump is not my leader. Theresa May is NOT my leader. David Cameron was not my leader, & we’re All still waiting on a genuine leader to come along & really Lead us with Authenticity. Im of the generation that doesnt vote. We dont vote, not because we dont care, we DO, we just […]
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LET THE WOMEN LEAD… A message to Men.

I had a dream recently. In my dream a female Lion told me a message. She said ‘LET THE WOMEN LEAD…‘ Let the Women lead… I felt to share this. it feels important. We must let the Women lead. The men are are a little lost right now. We are finding our feet and healing […]
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Why are so many of us feeling such a lot of Pain at the moment…?

Look around you. People in general, are not in a particularly good place right now. People are for want of a better phrase; ‘Feeling their shit.’ – Either that, or they are desperately seeking to distract themselves from feeling their shit. Hence the insane smart phone addiction we are starting to see very rapidly in […]
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We need New leaders!! (or no leaders?)

Let me tell you something Im not very proud of. I went to public school. yes. Boarding school. the kind of school where our leaders & politicians were educated. I was expelled. For basically ‘having none of their bullshit’. I always questioned everything, the rules, what we were learning, & so I was asked to […]
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Our NEW ALBUM Campaign…

Hello good people I am excited to announce that we have started work on a brand new Album! We wanna make some medicine music for this age… because I don’t know about you, but man – I need some soothing in this 21st century… We want to make a new Album of music to Ground, […]
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DOG EAT DOG WORLD…? I think not…

My dear Dad recently said to me something that didnt sit right. (sorry dad) He said ‘Rob, its a DOG EAT DOG World. Thats Human Nature. Its just the way things are.’ And I pondered, but quickly realsised that that statement just didnt sit right inside me. And I went on with my day. But […]
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news from the New Zealand Tour/ ADVENTURE

Wow. So it feels like Im in deepest WILDEST New Zealand…its been 4 months, 3 vans, 29 Gigs, and 7000 miles since I arrived into this country. What a journey! Ive grown a big beard, since most men it seems out here have beards and I was feeling a bit clean cut without one playing […]
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YEAH BABY! It seems my childhood dream of touring in the VAST grand continent of New Zealand has come true… because i find myself living in a camper van in the middle of this epic massive empty place… this is roughly what New Zealand looks like… Its pretty cool. there is a sense of SPACE […]
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