Approaching 20.12.12 & quitting owning a mobile phone & facebook!

Are we really in 2012? The year that has been prophesised about sooo much?! Wow. Well it has been a busy and awesome summer….Ive just got back from our new ‘Love’ Album Tour…(thats me in my tour van above!)… We have played a LOT this summer: Wildheart festival, Sunrise, Buddhafields, Pugs Hole festival, Tribal Earth, Big Chill, Osho Leela, Brighton, Lewes, London, Bristol & Edinburgh. Im kinda exhausted now! Its been fun. Our album is now in the shops and on itunes, which feels like an achievment. We’ve put a lot of work into this so when people buy our album it makes us happy… you can be a total groover and support us & buy A COPY OF OUR BEAUTIFUL & MOST FUNKALICIOUS NEW ALBUM HERE

So now we are moving rapidly towards the end of 2012, and moving towards the much talked about date of 20.12.12 I thought I would share a little of what I feel this date to be… & my take on what this whole 2012 thing is all about…

In a nutshell; Planet Earth is changing. Like a LOT.                                                                                                                                     What 2012 marks is the end of one cycle & the beginning of another. We have been in a cycle for the last several thousand years of darkness, the age of Kali Yuga it is called & this is why we have had so much war, bloodshed, & suffering for so long. BUT Good news… We are now officially, as of this year of 2012, moving into a new cycle. The age of darkness is ending on 20.12.12; and we are now in a time of transition. This can be a very confusing time & this is why things are sooo messy & chaotic right now. Because the planets vibration is SHIFTING. It is quickening & rising. And much as it might seem like a full on & quite crazy time, it is a VERY very exciting time.

EVERYTHING IS CHANGING…from the way we interact, the way we do business, the way we eat, the way we treat each other, & most importantly of all i think, the way we are governed. I am sure you’ll agree, you reading this, that in the last few years it has become increasingly obvious that the governments leading our countries do not seem to be serving us. They are clearly serving themselves, their investors, & the banks & coorperations.  All that is not serving humanity & polluting this planet will drop away. it already is.

Just watch the news. Its all coming out. Peaodohile ring link to 10 Downing Street. Italy’s Prime minister jailed for fraud. Jimmy Saville. and there’l be more. A LOT more. Just watch. Its all coming out to be aired, basically this planet is having a CLEANSING. A Spiritual Cleansing. Everything that is not aligned to Mother Earth is being RE-aligned. Its big. and beautiful.  and its TIME TO LISTEN. Its time to become self-governing, FULLY WAKE & ALIVE, and CONSCIOUS. Conscious of every act we make, & every thing we do.  Can you feel this?  Can yo u feel these changes?  Im seeing it everywhere. and Im excited.  thats an understatement.   Embrace CHANGE. Open yourself to the changes…

Please Watch this VERY good Video about 2012. ..Its a VERY good explanation of what is going on

 Start phasing out of your life the things that arent serving you. Start with getting rid of the TV!  Everyone I know has or is getting rid of watching tv.  This summer I have given up owning a mobile phone, wearing a watch, I dont own a tv, Im cutting right down my internet use, I quit facebook.I started to become aware that my mobile phone was making me feel UNWELL.  Since quitting  I feel GREAT!  More alive by a zillion miles, I have collossal amounts of energy for my music. I feel CLEARER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER & most important of all; more open to spirit. to GUIDANCE.   From the bottom of my heart, I really encourage you to try getting rid of some of this stuff that keeps us soo ‘Plugged-in’ to the Matrix.  This stuff is not real. Nature is.  and nature wants you to FEEL her. to Listen to her. To Respect her.  This is what my new song ‘The Earth Song’ is all about.

Try it.  See how you feel…try turning off your phone for the afternoon. Try cutting down your internet use to an hour a day….Get out and go for a walk in Nature with this time…  & see how you feel…!  Try just BEING.  Not doing.  For me, 2012 & the rapidly approaching date of 20.12.12,is all about becoming more PRESENT. Present to the moment. Here. Now. Open.  REAL.

All around me I see people waking up in droves, people quitting the jobs they dont like, people questioning things, old structures that just suddenly seem soo out of date, getting into Yoga, meditation, better diet, all this good stuff…

The old way of being is falling away with such rapidity now. Get in with the flow. Accept and embrace the changes. This is what this year is all about to me.



These feelings are very much what has inspired & what I have written our new songs about on our new Album ‘LOVE’

Please feel very free to have a listen & buy a copy if you dig it here

Love and best wishes


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